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CAP leaps into Action for two by-elections!
Date: Monday, November 06 2006

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November 5, 2006

CAP leaps into Action for two by-elections!

Canadian Action Party Leader Connie Fogal announced today two passionate candidates for the by-elections in Repentigny and London North Centre ridings.

Mr. Raza Mahmood Baig will be running in the Repentigny Riding in Quebec while Mr. Will Arlow represents CAP in London North Centre, Ontario.

Both candidates will be addressing the threat of Canadian absorption into an expanded U.S. as mandated by recently revealed corporate agenda. CAP is the only political party exposing the secret sell-out of our nation.

Canadians are encouraged to contact all candidates and engage them on the critical issues affecting our civil rights and freedoms under this Liberal, Conservative agenda.

Raza Mahmood Baig M.A. is a self-employed journalist. He brings his passion for a free, democratic Canada to this election. His experience and knowledge on international affairs, trade and culture will serve Quebec and the people of his riding well. This is his second opportunity to stand as a candidate for Canadian Action Party.

Will Arlow is a businessman with a strong sense of family values. This is his fifth time to offer his skills as a CAP candidate and potential MP. His international travel experience and knowledge of Canadian priorities, politics and values place him in an excellent position to challenge his opponents in this critical by-election. For more information on CAP policies and candidates please visit


Contact info: Canadian Action Party/Parti action canadienne

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Catherine Whelan Costen

CAP President & Communications Director

Will Arlow

Tel: 519 866 5116 cell: 519 852 8279 fax: 519 866 5136

Baig Mahmood Raza

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