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U-Turns The Neocon Way
Date: Wednesday, November 08 2006

Notice how in your face all of these AEI and PNACers were prior to the Iraq invasion and then how they slowly slithered into dark crevaces and now are creeping back out to try and find some excuses for themsleves. These cons are never going to have any credibility again so good riddance to all of them. 4Canada

Simon Tisdall
Tuesday November 7, 2006
The Guardian

Battles between US neoconservatives and so-called "liberal media" have hit new depths in the run-up to today's midterm elections, sparking claims of U-turns and partisan opportunism. But beneath the froth a more significant question lurks: whether the neocon movement, extraordinarily influential in formulating Bush administration foreign policy since 2001, is disintegrating.

The immediate cause of the furore is last week's publication by Vanity Fair of excerpts from interviews conducted with leading neocons. Richard Perle, a Pentagon insider known as the Prince of Darkness, is quoted as suggesting that the Iraq intervention, which he previously supported, was mistaken.

David Frum, Mr Bush's "axis of evil" speechwriter, reportedly believes failure in Iraq is inescapable and the president is to blame. Other well-known neocons also have critical things to say about administration competence.
In a furious response collated online by National Review magazine, several interviewees are now claiming their views were misrepresented. Mr Perle does not deny specific quotes attributed to him, but says a promise not to publish his remarks before the elections was broken. For the record, he says, "we are on the right path" in Iraq.

Mr Frum calls Vanity Fair's excerpts "dishonest". He says he did not intend to criticise Mr Bush but rather his "malfunctioning" national security council. Contrary to the magazine's Neo Culpa headline, he is not remorseful about past judgments. "Obviously I wish the war had gone better. It's true I fear that there is a real danger that the US will lose in Iraq," he says. "And yes, I do blame a lot that has gone wrong on failures of US policy ... (But) my fundamental views on the war remain as they were in 2003.",,1941232,00.html

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