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AB Gov Seeking Feedback on: Greenhouse Emissions
Date: Thursday, March 15 2007


AB Gov: Overview of climate change

...... AB Gov: Fact book (pdf, opens in a new window)

Pembina Inst: Stelmach's Proposals Will Legislate an Emissions Increase
Far from showing leadership, the Alberta government's new climate change proposals will allow emissions to increase and shift an unfair burden to taxpayers.

1) Real emissions will rise, not fall under the government's plan:

......- By 2010, "intensity" targets for industrial emitters will allow tar sands producers to be in compliance while more than doubling their real emissions over 2003 levels.

......- If recent economic growth rates continue, total Alberta emissions will rise to 72 % above 1990 levels by 2020, a far cry from the deep reductions essential to combat climate change.

2) Transparency and accountability are sorely lacking.

......Intensity targets create confusion by presenting emission increases as "reductions". Companies can comply with targets by paying into a fund that will reduce emissions by an unknown amount.

......And the new regulation contains a sweeping provision for compliance information to be kept secret.

3) Plan will create uncertainty through loopholes and ambiguity.

......"With fuzzy language about post-2007 targets and three-year exemptions for new facilities, the government has not only missed a chance to encourage investment, they've actually created incentives for foot dragging. “

4) Citizens pay if Industry fails

......”And if industry doesn't make serious efforts to introduce transformative technologies, taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for the deep emission reductions that are needed."

Analysis by the Pembina Institute has shown that applying Kyoto-level targets in the tar sands would cost producers no more than about $1 / barrel.

...... "We know that real emissions reductions are possible and economically feasible, so there's no reason for Premier Stelmach to produce a plan that simply delays action. Albertans will be embarrassed - they deserve a much more earnest effort from industry and from their government."



Government Protects Oil Sands Industry, Fails to Protect Athabasca River

......The Framework uses a graduated approach to managing water withdrawals based upon flows in the River.

......Of most importance is the "red zone," in which River flows are at their lowest and industry withdrawals threaten the ecological sustainability of the River.

......The Government's Framework does not require industry to turn off its pumps when the River hits the red zone,"

...... Although the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) is a largely ineffective organization that has continually failed to meet deadlines – the Framework will likely assign them to be the monitoring agency.

Rubber-Stamping Another Tar Sands Project

......As currently approved, Kearl is set to become one of the worst environmental laggards in the tar sands. For every barrel of bitumen produced, Kearl will emit 15 to 30 per cent more greenhouse gas pollution than other approved operations

......At its 300,000 barrels / day capacity, it will produce 4 to 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution annually (equivalent to 1,000,000 cars.)

......The Pembina Institute has calculated that the costs of achieving Kyoto-level targets in the tar sands- $1 per barrel.

Nuclear Power No Solution to Climate Change: Pembina Institute

......Nuclear power offers no solution to the climate change crisis. That is the conclusion of a major study of the environmental impacts, risks and sustainability of nuclear energy in Canada published today by the Pembina Institute.

While Oil Profits Soar, Canadians Have Lost Billions

......The royalty returns for each barrel of oil sands oil declined by 32% between 1996 and 2005.

......Further, the federal government has lost as much as $1.65 billion due to tax breaks to the oil sands industry.

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