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Tories Full Of Fiscal Hot Air
Date: Monday, November 27 2006

One thing we have learned from the Harper government is that they are good at vast generalities and short on details. They build up the public with promises of pending announcements and finally when the time comes well there is not much to see. Such was the case with their Clean Air Act. And they did it again this week with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's fiscal update.

In fact what Flaherty announced is nothing more than a plan to pay down Canada's debt without paying for any other new social programs and with cuts to existing spending. In other words stay the course.

The federal surplus will not be reduced by changing the EI program where most of it comes from. EI Surpluses will be used against the debt. Provinces will be expected to pick up expenditures in infratstructure, education, health care, etc. based on existing transfer payments from the Feds.

In other words nothing was announced that was not announced in their Spring budget. Jim Flaherty isn't a finance wiz he is the Wizard of Oz.


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