Vive Le Canada clothing for Canada Day
Date: Sunday, June 27 2004

Vive should shoot for a full Canada Day Wear clothing line for next Canada Day!. Maybe even get a contract with Zellers. I notice Zellers is selling allot of Canada day stuff. Some of it made in China and some of it made in Canada. The customer service rep there told me that Canadian made stuff is actually becoming a demand at the Zellers store. She said people actualy say that they shop there cause its Canadian and they prefer not shopping at Wal-Mart. She said she even noticed many looking to see if its Canadian made.

Do you think its possible to make a clothing line with and logo to sell to Zellers and other Canadian stores? Just a suggestion.


[Such an undertaking would be quite a bit of work, and we would need to bring on volunteers specifically to make it happen. One huge problem is startup capital; getting enough clothes made such that we don't lose money on them requires reasonably large bulk orders, which would need to be paid up front. The first step would be having someone come up with a business plan for it. --JvH]

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