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Financing Canada Backwards: WHY there is no money for health care, education- or
Date: Tuesday, June 01 2004

--It's at THIS point where our readers fall asleep. "Oh, its COMER again, that small but irritating group of wierdos with the 'money-creation' fetish....zzzzzzz...."
Right. It's us again...

CAUTION: Many of the points are counter-intuitive, that is, they go against common sense...

1. Money is created out of nothing
2. There are two ways to create money (out of nothing):
(i) through a national central bank
(ii) through the private banking system (pbs).
3. You, I and corporations don't have a choice: we have to borrow through the pbs. GOVERNMENTS HAVE A CHOICE. Guess which they choose?
4. -Some 95% of our yearly money supply is created by the pbs AS debt, and AT interest. This is the situation in ALL G-8 countries!!!

5. "SO WHAT??" You say? Well, the result is that THE LARGEST FEDERAL EXPENDITURE goes towads servicing this debt; and it is the 3rd or 4th largest PROVINCIAL expenditure. That is, the lion's share of our tax $$ are directed into the pbs
Into health care, education, social programs, etc.
6. This issue is rarely (never?) discussed by most politicians or the media, even though it may arguably be at the CORE of our difficulties today. This hardly-ever discussed situation is choking the very life out of our economies, worldwide.(You think it might be a good election issue?? Click here)

The government of Canada, ON BEHALF OF THE PRIVATE BANKING SYSTEM, permits the latter to create some 95% of the yearly money supply, year after year after year, so that they can make excessive profits.
Creating, ON BEHALF OF THE CITIZENS OF CANADA, a more equitable % of the money supply using the Bank of Canada, thus SHIFTING a greater % of the debt to the latter- to be used for social health and welfare.
(Note: this would not cause inflation, as we are talking here about WHO is creating the money, not about HOW MUCH is being created.)
For more information, click here to visit 'The Bank of Canada Tutorial' on the COMER website.

The members of The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) would like to whole-heartedly thank vivelecanada for their support of our May 29 Conference, whereat hearty- at times heated- discussions of the above and many related subjects took place.

(You think it might be ... For more information, c...

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