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Privatizing Health Care
Date: Monday, November 27 2006

Canada's first private ER to begin service

So what will our Federal Health Minister do about this. Probably about as much as the last one did. Nada, nothing, ok well maybe send a letter to the Premier of B.C. full of thunder and bluster. Buts thats it.

Welcome to two tier health care. Wait we already have two tier privatized health care in Canada. Its called Lasik laser eye surgery. And it is not without risks. Though you wouldn't know it from the TV ads you see. And it is draining the healthcare system of Opthamologists and optometrists who are now going into private practice.

Eye disease prompts Toronto cataract surgery centre to close

TASS has affected about 137 eye centres across North America in the past 18 months. It is often difficult to determine the source.


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