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Three articles suggested by readers
Date: Thursday, December 04 2003

A couple of articles suggested by readers.

First, an excellent article on the growing social divide between Canada and the U.S. (which unfortunately, however, neglects to explain how even as our social values diverge, we are under pressure to converge).

From Canada's View on Social Issues is Opening Rifts with the U.S.:

Canadians and Americans still dress alike, talk alike, like the same books, television shows and movies, and trade more goods and services than ever before. But from gay marriage to drug use to church attendance, a chasm has opened up on social issues that go to the heart of fundamental values.

A more distinctive Canadian identity one far more in line with European sensibilities is emerging and generating new frictions with the United States.

"Being attached to America these days is like being in a pen with a wounded bull," Rick Mercer, Canada's leading political satirist, said at a recent show in Toronto. "Between the pot smoking and the gay marriage, quite frankly it's a wonder there is not a giant deck of cards out there with all our faces on it."

Second, an important article about the coming oil crisis no one wants to acknowledge:

Bottom of the Barrel

And finally, an article on the U.S. economy with the central point that "..the US economy may look buoyant but sky-high balance of payments deficits point to a coming crisis." See: Beyond Bull

Canada's View on Social... Bottom of the Barrel Beyond Bull

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