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Tory/Alliance merger a done deal
Date: Monday, December 08 2003

Canadian Alliance members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of merging with the PC Party.

And the PC party also gave the merger a green light.

Meanwhile, David Orchard's lawsuit against the Tory/Alliance merger failed--meaning that it's so much for the progressive part of the PCs, and straight into wedded "bliss" as Canada's new fully conservative party.

Lawyer Jim Prentice has already announced that he will seek leadership of the new party, making him the first person officially in the race.

Polls prior to the merger still showed the NDP ahead of even a united PC/Alliance, with both behind the Liberals, so it'll be interesting to see how support for the party plays out in the next while.

Personally, my fingers are crossed for a crash and burn...

voted overwhelmingly in... a green light lawsuit against the Tor... will seek leadership of...

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