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France Bans Laypeople From Reporting Violence
Date: Wednesday, March 07 2007

I know this story has to do with events going on in France rather than in Canada, however we should all be reminded of what happened to the Canadian blogger Charles LeBlanc (see the related Canadian stories I've linked below). In the LeBlanc case, despite "winning" his court case, the police officers involved have so far not been charged with any of the crimes they obviously committed against LeBlanc, which means we're still deeply stuck in the muck.

New French law says that only professional journalists can film or broadcast acts of violence.
Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
Tuesday, March 06, 2007 08:00 AM PST

The French Constitutional Council has approved a law that criminalizes the filming or broadcasting of acts of violence by people other than professional journalists. The law could lead to the imprisonment of eyewitnesses who film acts of police violence, or operators of Web sites publishing the images, one French civil liberties group warned on Tuesday.

The council chose an unfortunate anniversary to publish its decision approving the law, which came exactly 16 years after Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King were filmed by amateur videographer George Holliday in the night of March 3, 1991. The officers' acquittal at the end on April 29, 1992 sparked riots in Los Angeles.

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