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Date: Wednesday, January 18 2006

Letter to the Editor,

The Manley Report on North American Deep Integration ,
which is the blueprint for the elimination of Canadian
sovreignty and which should have been the focus of
political and editorial discussion during this
election, has instead become a subject shunned by
politicians and media alike, with the few honourable
exceptions of the Council of Canadians and the
election platforms of the Green and Canadian Action
Parties. As a result of this deafening silence, the
public which in a democracy relies on both the media
and the politicians to provide all vital information
concerning the affairs of the nation, is completely
unaware that Canada's status as an independent state
is threatened by the Report. It is terrifying to
think that the Report's recommendations could be
implemented in the back rooms of Ottawa in secret
during the next four years, if the reluctance of
politicians to reveal its contents since its
submission to Mr. Martin eight months ago, is any
indication of political intent.

The Report, commissioned at the Bush, Martin, Fox
summit in April 2005 and delivered to all three, one
month later, specifying the initial steps required to
acjieve Mr. Bush's fatal vision of Fortress America,
recommends the following actions by the year 2010 :-

1. The integration of the armed forces of all three
countries under a single command structure.

2. The elimination of borders between all three

3. The development of a common continental economy
with a single currency.

4. The adoption of a common North American

The concept of Fortress America is terminal folly, in
this era of nuclear proliferation, thanks to the
reluctance of the U.S. to engage in any negotiations
for total elimination of nuclear weapons from all
national arsenals and it will precipitate an arms race
which can have only one ending: in the unimaginable
horror of WWIII. Einstein warned that any survivors
from that calamity would conduct future conflicts with
sticks and stones.

Without Canada's participation, Fortress America would
remain a Bush dream and yet the Canadian public, in
complete ignorance, is being led along the path of
integration by its politicians, thanks entirely to the
fact that journalists have abdicated their democratic
and moral responsibility to be the eyes and ears of
the people. The wrath of politicians and of the
corporate media owners is a miniscule price to pay to
defend democracy, compared to the perils faced by the
young men of my generation in WW2, tens of thousands
of whom gave their lives in that very cause, in order
to pass Canada's freedom and culture into your
keeping. If you continue to break faith with them by
maintaining editorial silence on this most fundamental
national crisis, thanks to an apparent lack of
intestinal fortitude, please ponder the fact that the
fate to which you are condemning Canadians by your
reluctance to speak out, also awaits your children and

It is still not too late to warn Canadians of the
peril they face, but only you have the capacity to do
so. The election is only one week away; please
consider your responsibility most carefully.

W. J. Fisher,
Kingston, Ontario.

[Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 18, 2006]

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