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Why we will lose in Afghanistan
Date: Wednesday, January 17 2007

Here's an example of the modern British military. They attempt to storm a Taliban fort, take ONE casualty, and retreat!!!

This after pounding the base with 155mm artillery and even calling in a B-1 strike!!! (not sure why - an F16 strike using 1000lb laser guided munitions would have been far more effective).

If our vaunted Western soldiers do not have the stomach for casualties, or more accurately, they know that their civilian public does not have the stomach for casualties, they SHOULD NOT BE THERE.

I estimate they would have taken the fort, easily, with 5-10 dead and maybe 20 wounded, a very good price for taking such a valuable and strategic target. That they scampered back across the river after the Taliban had the AUDACITY to actually shoot at them, is telling indeed as to the state of modern combat operations for western armies.

It was an extraordinary end to a tragic operation. When Lance Corporal Matthew Ford was shot during an assault on a Taliban fortress last Monday, his comrades mounted a dramatic rescue mission that saw soldiers being strapped to the wings of helicopter gunships as they crossed a river under heavy enemy fire.

The remarkable mission, dubbed "Flight of the Phoenix" by some, did not save the life of the 30-year-old marine who, it turned out, had died instantly from gunshot wounds. But it may gain four courageous marines an honoured place in British military history books.

The drama unfolded during a British assault on Jugroom fort, a Taliban base in Garmser, a district of southern Helmand racked by violence. The riverside fort - a high walled compound ringed by watchtowers - had been under surveillance for more than two months. Military intelligence believed key Taliban leaders were hiding inside and that it was the command headquarters for insurgent activity across Garmser.,,1992035,00.html

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