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I am a Conservative, I conserve - by Robert Bateman
Date: Saturday, December 13 2003

As Canada's political parties realign, 'conservatives' must ask themselves which they value: social order, family and the environment -- or the market, says artist/environmentalist ROBERT BATEMAN


Saturday, December 13, 2003 - Page A21

The Globe and Mail


I am a conservative. This is why I deeply resent the neo-conservatives who are not conservatives at all. They are the opposite: radicals who are destroying cherished institutions and wreaking havoc on our human heritage as well as our natural heritage.

I do not consider destroyers to be conservative. So many cherished institutions have been built with great care and dedication through the decades by well-trained people with good hearts. These are being smashed and weakened in great haste by politicians and ideologues who do not even understand what they destroy. Creation is long and difficult; destruction is quick.

...Although I am a conservative I do not claim that being a conservative is virtuous. My point is that those who are in favour of rapid change and destruction of institutions can in no way be called conservative.

Robert Bateman is an internationally renowned artist and naturalist.

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