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Organ donation to stay optional, McGuinty says
Date: Saturday, September 24 2005

There were too many Topic headlines to use for this one. I.E. General News, Our Civil Liberties, Privatization, sovereignty watch, volunteer, culture, Canadian News? I chose the one that seemed "most" fitting "Foreign ownership".

I say live it up, drink, eat, enjoy, go ahead and just trash our organs while we're here. Man if people with trashed organs are lining up for new ones then it could be to your benefit to actually have bad ones. It certainly has come to light that people in places like China were, (don't know if they still are), being killed for their organs so why bother looking after yours? You can buy others if they want to look after theirs it seems. People with healthy organs are going to be the losers here, no? 4Canada/4Revolution
Toronto Star, Sept.23, 2005

KITCHENER It would be wrong for the Ontario government agency that administers organ donations to follow the lead of European countries and compel the province's residents to donate their organs, Premier Dalton McGuinty said today.

"We have to do more," McGuinty told reporters at a Liberal caucus retreat in Kitchener, Ont.

"We're going to have to work with the concerned interests here to convince Ontarians and to urge them to take advantage of making the necessary modest effort that's required to indicate that, should something unfortunate happen to yourself, you're prepared to make your organs available."

McGuinty was responding to comments from the board of the Trillium Gift of Life Network, which has decided it would be premature to establish a "presumed consent" system in which all Ontarians are automatically put on a donor list unless they indicate they don't want their organs donated upon death.

"We don't believe the public of Ontario is ready," Trillium president Dr. Frank Markel told the Globe and Mail.

He added that the board did not see presumed consent as a panacea for the situation in Ontario, where nearly 2,000 people are waiting for a new organs because of a shortage of donations.

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