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Montreal woman seeks to sue gas companies over price hike
Date: Friday, January 12 2007

A Montreal woman has asked a Quebec court for permission to launch a class action lawsuit targeting oil companies that increase gas prices in the province.

The lawsuit argues that four companies Petro-Canada, Shell Canada, Ultramar and Imperial Oil colluded illegally to raise gas prices as a means of offsetting the future cost of a "green tax" on gas that will come into effect later in 2007.

The Quebec Liberal government first proposed the gas levy in June 2006 as a measure to fund the province's climate change program. At the time, representatives from the petroleum industry vowed to protect their companies' bottom line by any means necessary.

So that helps explain why gasoline prices have been increasing, even outside of Quebec, while crude oil prices are dropping. And in other areas of this great land our ours, governments being what they are, when the Quebec government successfully applies their green tax, others will as well (and whether it actually is applied to green technologies will be anyone's guess).

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