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Top 10 Reasons to Vote FOR CAP on January 23!
Date: Friday, January 20 2006

Nobody else will stand and speak for all of these issues! Here are 10 reasons to vote FOR real change!

Top Ten Reasons to Vote For CAP on January 23!

1-Strong voice of opposition--standing for peace, not WAR
2-Electoral reform--making democracy work
3-Putting your money to work for You-use our Bank of Canada
4-Stop unfair trade deals that threaten the environment and our health--Abrogate NAFTA, NOW!
5-Transparent accountability to the people of Canada--stop the corporate monopoly influence on our government
6-Public non-profit healthcare for all, affordable, accessible NOW!
7-Affordable education, low interest student loans, accessible for all
8-Investing in alternative energy, research and development
9-Jobs for Canadians at a fair living wage
10-Freedom for all in a sovereign strong nation-stop the plan for a North American Fortress

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