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Another Orchard Update
Date: Monday, December 15 2003

Dear friends and supporters of David Orchard --

I'm forwarding the following update on what's happening to and in the PC party, from Marjaleena Repo, senior adviser to David Orchard and PC party vice-president for Saskatchewan.

Best wishes -- Rose-Marie Larsson, tel (604) 215-5580, e-mail:


Hello friends,

Yesterday I received official notice from Elections Canada, as a member of the PC Party's management committee, on the chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley's letterhead, that the "party is over." This is what he wrote:

Dear Ms. Repo:

In accordance with subsection 401(2) of the Canada Elections Act, I wish to inform you that the registry of parties was amended on December 7, 2003, by replacing the namesCanadian Reform Conservative Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with the name Conservative Party of Canada.

This is a result of an application made under section 400 of the Canada Elections Act of the two parties to become a single registered party resulting from their merger.

I have reviewed the application and have determined that criteria set out in the Canada Elections Act were met and have made the required amendments to the registry.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Canada Elections Act, the merger of the parties is effective on the day the Chief Electoral Officer amends the registry of parties. the consequenceof such a merger are set out in section 402 of the Act.

Yours truly,

Jean-Pierre Kingsley
Chief Electoral Officer of Canada


Note a very interesting date: December 7, 2003, which was a SUNDAY. Jean-Pierre Kingsley kept the office open on Sunday to facilitate the merger, an extraordinary occurrence, to say the least, indicating pre-planning by all kinds of parties. The excuse/explanation given at the Management Committee meeting last Monday in Ottawa that this was done because of a threat of further legal challenge (from Sinclair Stevens). Imagine, that the Chief Electoral Officer facilitates the quick abolition of the Progressive Conservative Party in this fashion!

While a notice of the disappearance of the PC Party of Canada is sent to members of the management committee of the party, Kingsley has not noticed that the PC Party caucus in the House of Commons goes on and has added four new members to it from the Canadian Alliance! in order to receive a reported $ 1 million in taxpayers' money to keep the Leader's office going. And today, when commenting on the new Martin cabinet, did we not see Peter MacKay presenting himself as the Leader of the PC Party? If he is the leader, then we are still members. This is one of the arguments used by the majority members of the management committee now taking Peter MacKay to arbitration, for by-passing the committee in nominating people to the Interim Joint Committee (IJC) , when the management committee was supposed to make that decision. If the party goes on in some form, then it must continue in another form, by dealing with a complaint. (Bruck Easton is now communicating with the members of the PC Party through Joe Hueglin's Daily Digest, as he and the management committee have no access to the party's communication services! A conference call of the committee last Thursday was sabotaged by total interference which made it impossible for us to carry on a discussion beyond the first five minutes. Sounds familiar, eh, to our delegates and observers who participated in our disastrous conference call prior to the "special meeting" of December 6?)

Here we have a case of Immense Irony, when the members of the committee got royally shafted by MacKay last Monday, to their shock and outrage. (I had a a hard time keeping a straight face when this occurred!) MacKay humiliated Bruck Easton in an extraordinary and stupid fashion, by leaving him out of the IJC although the CA president has been appointed to the committee, thereby alienating a large segment of the management committee members who had supported him up to that moment, holus bolus. The shafted had to attend the Christmas party later that evening, and there insults were exchanged in between Season's Greetings and other merriment, and we had a report of a fist fight and shoving match between MacKay's chief of staff and youth president Keith Marlowe (another shafted!), with bloodied knuckles as a proof of the encounter. MacKay was seen shaking hands with everyone at Easton's table, but by-passing him and wife, in a crude and vindictive fashion, although no one appears to know why exactly. But there is a theory and that is that David Scrymgeour, the former national director who caused us so much grief during the leadership race, is BACK, appointed to be the national director for the whole "entity" and Scrymgeour, of course, was the PC Party's national director, a singularly nasty individual, who also had an ongoing conflict with Easton, and who MacKay agreed to get rid of in his infamous deal with David. (See more on Bruck Easton in Susan Riley's column from December 12 Ottawa Citizen, "Peter MacKay's Strange Dance," at

Back to the Chief Electoral Officer: He is being pursued by others as well. Sinclair Stevens has submitted an inquiry to Elections Canada, but I don't yet have his questions, as I don't believe they have been made public. MEANWHILE, and this is too good to be true, the Communist Party of Canada is going after Elections Canada for allowing the Conservative Party of Canada to register under that name, as its acronym is the same as the Communist Party of Canada, in both official languages, CPC and PCC! Please do not hesitate to send your own experiences and inquiries to Mr. Kingsley, because he has moved to the centre of the collusion to finish off the PC Party. At the best, one could argue that he was inexcusably naive in allowing for the de-registering of the party with indecent rush, without knowing any of the details which, for instance, are contained Orchard court case and the arbitration case by Sinclair Stevens, both initiated to block the shutting down of the party.

The actual court case that David Orchard started with 22 others received their verdict Friday a week ago and the judge appeared to suggest that the opponents approach the Chief Electoral Officer, who, as we have since seen, moved immediately on Sunday to accept the merger. This bias revealed, we need to look for other venues. (An appeal is being mulled over and it takes time to get second and third legal opinions on the matter. No stone is being left unturned.)

Meanwhile, David has been flooded with suggestions of all kinds, attempts to lure him into one party or another. There are "emissaries" with urgent messages, people wanting to start parties with David as the leader, and others working to resurrect the "old party". David, of course, is not prone to jump into anything suddenly, without thought and consultation, and therefore is taking time to consider and discuss widely what has happened (it's not often, or ever, that a founding party of a country is destroyed in an illegal "vote" done with extraordinary speed with a Trojan Horse full of people with hostile intent thrust in our midst, without most party members even grasping what is taking place!) and what the various political options are. This process will not occur overnight, as some wish (and insist on). David also feels strongly that all should hang on and not be stampeded into resignation, particularly if you are on the executive of your riding association.

The political landscape has shifted, but no one can yet tell in what way. We need to have patience with each other and ourselves, and definitely avoid jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

While the twists and turns caused by the extinguishment of the PC Party of Canada continues, we need to keep in touch in every way.

I will attempt to do a newsletter as often as possible for all Orchard supporters and contacts in the PC Party. Our website,, will have updates of articles and developments, and a guide to action as well. Joe Hueglin's Daily Digest will continue, we hope, and we need to individually subscribe to it so as not to depend on "someone else" to keep us posted on things that appear there. (Please subscribe by writing to <>) Another link in the chain is to be part of the interactive Orchard discussion group (list serve) which you can enroll in by e-mailing me at <mrepo@sasktel,net>. (We need to invent other methods of communication as well, as a list serve can be quite overwhelming if not impossible for a large number of people. Any ideas out there?)

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