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Clarkson Endowment - Wrong Beneficiaries!
Date: Tuesday, September 27 2005
Topic: Canadian News

September 27, 2005

Prime Minister Martin
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Sir:

With all due respect I am writing to object to your decision to create a $10-million endowment fund for retiring Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson. While Ms. Clarkson’s contributions to Canada are well noted, unless this new money is coming from a private donor such as yourself or Ms. Clarkson, I feel this is an inappropriate placement of taxpayers’ money.

Ms. Clarkson has spent a great deal of Canadians’ money during her tenure. This leaves a solid legacy for her name and further endowments are neither necessary nor warranted in my opinion. However, if an endowment is to be made, then a more appropriate beneficiary would be the victims of Agent Orange at CFB Gagetown.

Ms. Clarkson was the ceremonial leader of the Canadian Forces, and, as such, ought to be recognizing the sacrifice these individuals, their families and all who used the base have made for the experimental use of Agents Orange, White and Purple. An institute for new Canadians may have more of a palatable appeal; however, an institute for treatment of these victims would be more appropriate. Funding for a complete public inquiry is critical to the survivors’ peace of mind. No public announcement regarding this has been made.

Mr. Martin, you do not hold all responsibility in this matter: several Liberals governments, as well as Conservative governments, have been responsible for this inhumane treatment. What you have today is the opportunity to attempt to right a horrific wrong. If you can so easily find $10 million for those who are not yet Canadian citizens, then you most certainly ought to find the funds needed to compensate and treat those who were willing to put their lives on the line for Canada’s freedom.

I look forward to a positive response to my request. I expect that Ms. Clarkson would see an endowment for victims of CFB Gagetown more appropriate. Since it is taxpayers’ dollars funding this prestigious award, we ought to be consulted on the matter. Consider this letter my input.

Yours truly

Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party, Vice President and Candidate

Cc: S.Harper, J.Layton , C.Fogal,G. Duceppe
All sitting MP’s, Press

Note: I would have cc'd to Governor General but her email is not working.

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