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Missile Defence Needs Parliamentary Debate
Date: Friday, December 19 2003

Maude Barlow and Steven Staples think a Cabinet decision making a de facto Canadian commitment to NMD may be only a matter of days off.

In a new Straight Goods article, they argue that the issue needs a Parliamentary debate

Canadians expressed enough disapproval this summer that Paul Martin included a question about missile defence on his website. Even though the wording was loaded to discourage opposition, 35% rejected NMD completely.

Time to write the new Prime Minister and his new Minister of Defence, David Pratt (Bill Graham is still Minister of Foreign Affairs).

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Right Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada;
there is a sample letter at

Hon. David Pratt, Minister of National Defence;

Hon. Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Hon. Albina Guarnieri, Associate Min. of National Defence,

PS: Last week on the US side of the line, the Council for a Livable World released results from its security survey of Democratic presidential hopefuls. The issue on which they were most sharply divided was missile defence (only Dean and Lieberman supported it).

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