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Turn the Tables on the Right-Wing
Date: Friday, February 20 2004

How about this:

Take a lesson from politicians in the US, use their right-wing party positions against them ?

Notice that Kerry and Edwards are shoving their face in Bush's business, not tearing each other apart. (At least for now !)

We tell our friends, those that want to vote Liberal or Conservative all the negative things to get them thinking, then spin it so we look like we are on the positive side.

For instance, "SO you want US missiles on Canadian soil", or "You want the US military to run our country".

"SO you want to become an American citizen within 10 years."

I'm sure you can help come up with more, and the scarier the better.

"So you don't mind giving up your CPP pension when it comes time to retire."

"So you don't mind paying hundreds of dollars to visit the clinic or your doctor and all those tests."

It has to get their attention, and grab them by the throat, or they will simply keep saying what most people always say, "They're all the same".

That's the key, they are NOT all the same. We just have to find the right leader.

BTW, anybody heard the latest on Alberta and Ralph Klein's idea about charging everyone a user fee to get medical attention ??

I saw it on the news last night. Get ready for it !!

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