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Unification the real Canadian Bilderberg agenda
Date: Monday, April 18 2005
Topic: Canadian Politics

A couple of years ago, I brought up the importance of the Bilderberg meetings in shaping the Canadian political agenda. The 2003 attendance of Stephen Harper was a signal that the Global Crony-Class had placed its bets on Harper taking the leadership of the Conservative Party, and it proved to be a pretty good indicator of the outcome of the Conservative Leadership Race. They seem to be pretty good at picking the up-and-comers, as Bill Clinton was a podunk Governor when he went to a Bilderberg meeting.

Unfortunately, I have been among a handful of Canadians, besides Edmonton's See Magazine and anonymous posters to Indymedia websites to comment on the Bilderberg meetings. David Frum and Mark Steyn, both noted Canadian “Journalists” have attended, but nether has commented on the inner workings of these meetings. Why is that? Conrad Black should invite National Post columnist Colby Cosh to this year's event, and he should be allowed to blog live from the venue, just to prove that the Bildies have nothing to hide.

The real Canadian Bilderberg agenda has nothing to do with health care, marriage or Charter Rights. The real hidden agenda is that Mssrs. Martin, Harper, Harris, Manning and Klein all agree on one thing: that Canada must integrate further with the USA, and this could be a bad thing. Several of these clowns have been the stars of a Canadian political drama that has been unfolding in recent weeks, and it's pretty clear that they are using social issues to distract us from economic ones.

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