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BC hit by the Rainstorm of the Century
Date: Thursday, November 16 2006

Freak B.C. rainfall a 'one in 100- or a one in 200-year event,' meteorologist says

VANCOUVER -- The rainstorm of the century -- perhaps the heaviest deluge to strike the Pacific Northwest in more than 200 years -- crept gently onto the West Coast, arriving just before midnight last Wednesday.

It started as a quiet splattering of raindrops but soon turned into a steady, unrelenting downpour that sounded like a huge spigot had been opened above the rooftops of Vancouver.

Over the next five days, the storm, which Environment Canada meteorologist David Jones has traced to the Hawaiian Islands, would turn rivers into raging torrents, blow out bridges, strand entire communities and force several hundred people to flee to higher ground.

In the process it would obliterate records dating back to 1881.

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