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Liberal Attacks a New Low
Date: Wednesday, June 09 2004

Dear Editor,

Please publish my letter below.

This weeks events have shown just how desperate Paul Martin?s Liberals are in light of sagging opinion polls and public anger at the Sponsorship Scandal, misspend public funds and a decade of broken Liberal promises.

After accusing NDP Leader Jack Layton of sinking to a new low for blaming him for the deaths of homeless people, Martin appears to have sunk to an even newer low.

This week'Team Martin' reverted to the fear mongering and U.S. style attacks against Stephen Harper showcased in their pre-election television ads.

More of the same was seen on Tuesday when two Liberal cabinet ministers Judy Sgro and John McCallum tried to harass Mr. Harper during two elections stops in the Greater Toronto Area, apparently working under the orders of Martin's campaign team.

On Friday Liberal Quebec lieutenant and co-founder of the Bloc Jean Lapierre went on the offensive in Quebec, fear mongering about the Tories rather than promoting the newly-released Liberal platform.

It seems to me that Paul Martins Liberals, who until this week were arrogantly laying claim to a majority government, have no one to blame but themselves for the sinking Liberal ship.

Andrew Harwood

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