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Ethanol Industry to get $78 million
Date: Sunday, February 15 2004

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Friday, Feb 13, 2004

Government to pump $78 million into ethanol industry

OTTAWA (CP) - The federal government will pump $78 million into Canada's ethanol industry as part of its plan to combat climate change, but critics say the subsidies have more to do with pleasing the farm lobby than saving the atmosphere.

The money will subsidize new plants to make fuel from wheat and corn in Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario, more than quadrupling Canadian grain ethanol production. Companies receiving funding include such well-known names as Husky Oil and Suncor Energy Products.

"We believe it's the responsibility of all Canadians to safeguard our natural environment and this is one way we can do that," Agriculture Minister Bob Speller said in a teleconference Friday.

"These plants will create new markets for our farmers, boost our rural communities and promote regional development."

Government to pump $78 million into ethanol industry

Government to pump $...

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