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Ted Byfield Offers No Choice Only Western Spin
Date: Monday, September 12 2005

Submitters note: Calgary Sun Seems to be offering a soapbox for the Separation Movement. In the interest of balanced news, shouldn't all parties be offered a soapbox?

Calgary Sun
September 11, 2005
Time for some radical moves
By Ted Byfield

Paul Martin, if he hews to a tried and true Liberal formula, will call an election, probably in the New Year, in which his Liberals will portray themselves as representing the interests of Canada, against the Tories who represent the interests of the Alberta "oil barons."

These will be the same oil barons who, he will say, are pocketing untold zillions of dollars from gasoline prices running in the range of $1.50 a litre, a price that may already be throwing thousands of Ontarians out of work.

The election will be a response to the bald theft by Ottawa of Alberta resource revenues, probably disguised (as my editor Licia Corbella intelligently foresees) as a "carbon tax."

Its purpose, Martin will say, is to enable Canada to meet its environmental responsibilities and to enable Alberta to "share" its soaring oil and gas revenues with the rest of the country.

Alberta will resist the bill ferociously, and on that pretext Martin will "let the people decide," by calling an election in which he will sweep Ontario and win.

Once in federal hands, the Alberta money will be used to prop up Ontario and Quebec manufacturing industries against competition from China.

Since such an endeavour is futile, those industries will collapse anyway, and the temporary advantage provided by our natural resources will be lost to both Canada and Alberta.

So what can Albertans do about this? I think we can do two things:

First, we must quickly develop programs of research and technology that will put Canada in the forefront of the world, and we should use the undoubted billions that will accrue to this province --the revenues Martin wants to steal -- to carry out that program.

We should design it so that it will be centred, not only in Alberta, but in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia as well.

He is trying to prolong the past.

We are preparing for the future.

(He finishes like this)
If they give us the usual answer -- that they prefer the crooks to the Westerners -- then the hour of decision will be upon us.

It will be then or never.


You bet!

But has anybody got a better idea?

So I sent a response:

Dear Editor
Ted Byfield (Sept.11 CalgarySun) plots out the battle plan for Alberta against Canada, and wants to know if anybody has a better idea? Is he the head of the Alberta Separation Party? He certainly minces no words in his attempts to aggravate the boil on the backsides of Albertans! I never heard him express his concern over the Maritimes or Canada’s north in all his sputtering. Yet he expects Canadians to choose an Alberta Solution as opposed to a Canadian Solution! What a poor choice of words and shallow plan. Canada isn’t Martin and sure he’ll call an election after Canadians see the corruption Gomery reveals. Byfield wants us to think we must chose between corruption and separation, when there is a very clear choice for Canadians, called Canadian Action Party. You won’t hear him talk about that though, because it doesn’t involve destroying the country, it requires patriots to once again build the nation, like the builders he wrote about in the 12 volume, ‘Alberta in the 20th Century.’ Or was that series just a money-making venture? So to answer his question, Anybody has a better idea than the one he proposed, take a look:

Yours truly
Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party Vice President/Candidate

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