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Urban devotees of raw milk soured by health raid on farmer
Date: Thursday, November 30 2006

ORONTO -- It was an early-morning drama with all the hallmarks of a big drug bust: Ontario Provincial Police cruisers blockading the lane while armed officers swooped onto a farm, herding the farmer and his workers into the kitchen of the old house.

But this dairy farmer was no drug kingpin. In the century-old barn of the farm northwest of London, Ont., were 30 cows and the stainless-steel equipment used for milking, separating the milk and manufacturing dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. And the contraband confiscated in last week's raid at Glencolton Farm consisted of dozens of glass jars of unpasteurized milk, fresh from the cow.

Michael Schmidt, a maverick dairy farmer who has openly provided raw milk to hundreds of families for more than a decade since his last brush with the law, faces a charge of operating a milk plant without a licence and could be slapped with more.

The raid has unleashed the powerful outrage of sophisticated, health-conscious, political-minded urbanites who are willing to a pay a premium for natural, unadulterated food straight from the farmer -- and insist that their right to choose healthful food is at stake.

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