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Drugs, crime in general, and justice
Date: Thursday, June 17 2004

This is my passion. Put real criminals in jail. For a long, long time.

If a person is involved in a crime in the drug trade, they should go to prison. I don't know who set out the rules for how long that person should go to prison, but I suggest they don't spend enough time in jail. Make it 20 years. No time off for good behaviour.

10 years parole after release.

They have literally ruined lives. Ruined families. Ruined society.


Anyone caught with a handgun or a modified weapon such as a sawed-off shotgun should get 5 years for possession. Period !

If it is in a vehicle, everyone in the vehicle should get the same penalty. No other option is proper.

They should get 10 years for commiting a crime with a gun, then add on the sentence for the crime. No concurrent sentences, consecutive only.


Life in prison.

no faint hope clause to let them out after 15 years.

If you want to let them out, then they are on parole for the rest of their lives. If they don't report, they go back to prison.

NO (ZERO) second chances after that.

Let's clean up society once and for all.

Enough of the bleeding heart judges.

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