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So what gives?
Date: Wednesday, March 21 2007

So what gives?
by William Bowles • Monday, 12 March, 2007

‘[We come not as] conquerors or enemies, but as liberators.’ — Lieutenant General Sir Stanley Maude, Commander in Chief of British forces in Iraq, after entering Baghdad in March 1917.

According to the best estimates, the dozen years of sanctions following Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait led to something like one million deaths in Iraq, including 500,000 children and since the invasion in 2003 a further 650,000 have died as a result of the illegal occupation.

It’s a staggering number of slaughtered people, all done in the name of ‘democracy building’ but it doesn’t stop here, we need to add the slaughtered of the former Yugoslavia and who knows how many massacred in Afghanistan as nobody’s bothering to count. But lest we forget, the invasion and occupation of Vietnam resulted in the slaughter of at least three million Vietnamese and the effects of Agent Orange and the other toxic chemicals dumped on Vietnam is still killing and maiming people to this day.

‘[The] absorption [of Iraq should be] veiled by constitutional fictions as a protectorate, a sphere of influence, a buffer state, and so on.’ — Lord Curzon, December 12, 1917.

Then we have the ‘liberated’ dead of Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, El Salvador, Haiti, Panama, Angola, Zaire, and a dozen or more additional countries that have ‘benefited’ from US ‘democracy’ to add to the total. Who knows what the exact total is, but it runs into millions of people who have been made democratic and dead and this figure is only the total number who have been ‘liberated’ since the 1960s.

The West and principally the US and the UK has been ‘civilising’ untold millions for decades, indeed for centuries, so the current mayhem should come as no surprise to us. But what should surprise and sicken us, is the fact that we in the so-called civilised world have largely stood by and allowed our governments to destroy entire countries and cultures and all allegedly in our name.

By and large, those of us who do oppose our barbarian governments’ mass murder tend to the blame the media for misleading us by delivering the governments’ message of ‘spreading democracy’ to all those ‘unfortunate’ enough not benefit from ‘our’ way of life. And it’s true, the media does an excellent hatchet job on reality by dismembering events into discrete chunks thus removing any relationship between cause and effect as well as ‘disappearing’ any inconvenient facts that would undermine the prevailing orthodoxy.

An excellent example of this process in action can be seen by the way the media presents the ‘sectarian’ violence in Iraq to us by removing entirely any reference to the fact that none of it would be happening if we hadn’t invaded and occupied the country in the first place. But of course logic has absolutely nothing to do with it, if that were so, we would be getting an entirely different picture of US and UK ‘largesse’ when it came to the delivery of ‘democracy’ to the scores of countries that have, over the decades, ‘benefited’ from the ‘civilising’ effect of poison gas, mass bombings of civilians, napalm, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, ‘bunker buster’ bombs, cluster munitions, Hellfire missiles, to mention just a few of the mechanisms employed to deliver ‘democracy’ to those allegedly less fortunate than ourselves.

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