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Businessman files 300K lawsuit against ex-PM Mulroney
Date: Saturday, March 24 2007

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney is facing a $300,000 lawsuit filed in Toronto by a German-Canadian businessman.

Karlheinz Schreiber alleges that after Mulroney retired from politics in 1993, he agreed to help Schreiber build a production facility for light armoured vehicles in Quebec. The lawsuit, filed in Ontario Superior Court, alleges Mulroney reneged on that agreement.

Schreiber alleges he provided Mulroney $300,000 in cash in 1993 and 1994 as an advance, but that he never received the services he paid for, according to a statement of claim filed Thursday.

It would be nice to see justice served for a change! Perhaps Mr. Black could make some room at his trial for Mr. Mulroney, and we could have a "two-fer".

And if the courts find for the plaintiff, maybe we Canadians could get that $2 million back.............

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