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Where is the diseased beef?
Date: Wednesday, June 02 2004

"My name is Dave Louthan. I'm the guy who killed the mad cow back in December. I spent the next four months chasing the ghost of the mad cow. The second that word of the BSE positive cow came back the USDA started lying. I'm not talking about semantics or definitions I mean bold faced flat out lying. "

"I tore into them trying to stop what I realized was a steady stream of diseased beef into the food supply. The meat that your kids and mine had been eating. No are still eating. That's right after all the trouble, the discovery, the daily news reports, the loss of all the foreign markets, the news of all the mad cow deaths in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we are still killing and eating diseased beef as fast as possible." The USDA is lying, do you think our government agency isn't?

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Mad Cow

Mad Cow

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