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Prime Minister Harper announces new Ministry and reaffirms government prioritie
Date: Tuesday, February 07 2006
Topic: Canadian News

Prime Minister Harper announces new Ministry and reaffirms government priorities

February 6, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the appointment of a new Ministry designed to deliver the change mandated by Canadians on January 23rd.

“My smaller Cabinet and more streamlined Cabinet structure are designed for work—not for show,” said Prime Minister Harper. “The team is talented and balanced, reflecting our national diversity. The 26 Ministers are equal members of the team, ensuring equal voices from all regions of Canada. The structure is designed to promote accountable, efficient and effective government—more focus and purpose; less process and cost.”

In announcing the new Cabinet, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the Government’s intention to focus on five key priorities:
Cleaning up government by enacting and enforcing the Federal Accountability Act;

Lowering taxes for working Canadians, starting with a reduction to the Goods and Services Tax;

Protecting Canadian families and communities by strengthening the justice system;

Supporting the child care choices of parents; and

Delivering health care Canadians need, when they need it, by establishing a patient wait times guarantee with the provinces.

“Our mission is clear,” said the Prime Minister. “We will restore faith and trust in our public institutions as we keep Canada strong and united.”


Streamlining Government to Achieve Results and Improve Service to Canadians

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