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Four Little Words
Date: Thursday, November 23 2006

Quebecers form a nation within Canada: PM
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will introduce a motion recognizing that Quebecers form a nation 'within a united Canada' — but not an independent one."

Touché. Today was the making of a Prime Minister. To a standing ovation from all three federalist parties, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper outflanked the Bloc Quebecois by adding four little words to the motion they are presenting in the house tomorrow. The motion will be that the parliament of Canada recognizes Quebec is a Nation, "within a united Canada."

Liberal Leader Bill Graham was choked with emotion as he responded to the Prime Ministers speech, agreeing that this went beyond partisan politics. He was probably overjoyed that the Conservatives had rescued the beleagured Liberals from what was sure to be an internecine feud over exactly the same resolution at their upcoming convention. One that had been one of the most devisive issues in their leadership race for the last month. He will probably claim it had not even crossed his mind, as we waxed poetic about bi-partisan federalism.

Duccepe was outraged, that he had been upstaged by the PM. That his clever motion that was neither for federalism or seperatism was now reformulated to be a federalist motion. And by the fact that the PM had the audacity to lecture him on how it was not the place of parliament to decide Quebec's fate, but since Mr. Duceppe had brought it up he would be glad to address it.

And Jack Layton was far from non-partisan, getting his digs in reminding the house that Quebec is a social democratic society, but that had not always been the case. It once was dominated by the right wing dictatorship of Maurice Duplessis not unlike the politics of the current Conservative government. That Quebecoise would feel most at home in a Social Democratic Canada.

It was a 'historic moment' for Quebec and Canada. And in the making of a Prime Minister.

Of course this had nothing to do with it. Conservatives Support Slips – Most in Quebec

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