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If You Don't Want those Results...use a Different Recipe!
Date: Monday, January 16 2006

If You Don't Want those Results...use a Different Recipe!

If I want to bake a cake I get out the cookbook and follow the recipe to the 'T'. If all the ingredients are the same and the method is the same, I will get the same great cake every time! On the other hand, if I don't like the cake that I get, chances are I will not use that recipe a second time. Why do Canadians keep using the same recipe, election after election when they don't like the results? Why vote Liberal or Conservative when there are real viable options? Why vote against something knowing the results are negative, when you can vote FOR something else and perhaps get very positive results? Choosing between the devil you know and the devil you don't seems rather foolish, when you have choices which don't involve the devil at all!

Has anyone ever considered what would happen in Canada if nobody voted for Liberals or Conservatives? We would end up with a coalition government where all candidates had to work with each other and earn their pay. All candidates would have to convince each other that the ideas they were putting forward were in the best interest of the people of Canada and not detrimental to the environment. Wow! Can anyone imagine that kind of democracy? We would get real electoral reform. Real participatory democracy would happen by default. Perhaps that is something worth considering?

Rather than just rejecting the party system, why not reject the parties that are rejecting the democractic process? The electoral ACT was created by the big parties, so it stands to reason they benefit most by the ACT. Section 550 prevents the people from recall, and prevents any election promise from being enforced. So what is the point of the campaign? How will we get real proportional representation if we elect parties that are not for it? We must change, as we know they will not!

by Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party President
Macleod Riding Candidate

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