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The NDP--a national party?
Date: Tuesday, June 08 2004

The NDP has said over and over that they are a national party.

But in my riding (Toronto-Danforth) the NDP candidate is a parachute--he lives outside the riding! As a result, so far all he has done to campaign (in the riding) is put up some signs.

First, how effective can a representative be if he or she doesn't even live and work in the riding? And second, I'm interested to know if this is happening in any other ridings across Canada.

If this is happening in a lot of places that should be made known to the Canadian public, I would think. It makes the claim of being a national party seem a little dishonest, and less valuable than candidates for other parties who actually live and work in the ridings where they are running.

[Editor's note - While I get a strong sense of deja vue here, I think the poster has touched on a valid point common to this and the story Susan posted on the weekend; Can a candidate represent your views, without living in your area? Some ridings may be a few dozen city blocks in places like Toronto, while ridings like Alberta/Yellowhead stretch from Edmonton city limits almost 300 km to the town of Hinton. If someone is running in a large Rural riding, can they share commonality amongst constituents as well as someone who runs in Toronto/York but lives in Mississauga? - Dr Caleb]

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