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Canadian General is deputy commander of Coalition Forces in Iraq?
Date: Saturday, March 17 2007

Is there a staff writer at Vive le Canada who may be interested in exploring this unaccountable fact? It certainly came as a shock to me that a Canadian should be so embedded in a war we didn't support. I plan to do some research on the matter.

Here is the link to a story mentioning General Devlin in its ninth paragraph:

[DrC - All our 'staff writers' are on spring break :-) so here is a little research:]

[The 9th Paragraph from above:]

In an AP Radio interview, Canadian Army Major General Peter Devlin, deputy commanding general of coalition forces in Iraq, said of the extra troops, "What was always asked for was, beyond the combat formation, were the typical enablers that go along with combat formations."

A news release from DND (Feb 14, 2005):

Colonel Peter Devlin will be promoted Brigadier-General and appointed Deputy Commanding General US III Corps in Texas.

And the deployment notice for III Corp to rotate to Iraq:

The current overall commander of III Corp is:

LENNOX, WILLIAM J., JR.Brigadier General Chief of Staff, III Corps and Fort Hood, Fort Hood, Texas Assistant Chief of Staff, C-3/J-3/G-3, United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command, United States Forces Korea/Eighth United States Army, Korea.

[It's not unusual for Canadian Soldiers who are serving with our allies to be deployed as the rest of their units are. -DrC] http://www.globalsecuri... http://www.defenselink....

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