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Outcry Over Sale of Cell Phone Calling Records
Date: Wednesday, January 18 2006

Outcry Over Sale of Cell Phone Calling Records
Congress May Act; FCC and FTC Have Not
By Martin H. Bosworth

January 17, 2006
The news that companies can access any cell phone customers' records( and sell them to third parties online has provoked a flurry of criticism and calls for investigation, not to mention legislation restricting the practice.

Cingular Wireless obtained a temporary restraining order on Jan. 13th against two companies believed to be masterminding the sale of cell phone and landline records via the Web, Data Find Solutions Inc. and 1st Source Information Specialists.

Joaquin Carbonell, Cingular's executive vice-president and general counsel, said the company "will not tolerate the theft of customer records."

Cingular spokesman Mark Siegel told ConsumerAffairs.Com that the company "will continue to ratchet up its efforts to increase security and protect its customers' privacy."

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) called on the Federal Communications Commission to investigate how third party companies are gaining access to individual phone records, while Sen. Charles Schumer plans to introduce legislation that will make any sale of cell phone records for "unlawful" purposes a federal crime.

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