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Derek Burney Voice of America
Date: Friday, January 27 2006

Derek Burney, the new right hand man to newly elected PM Stephen Harper is not only an old Mulroney hack but a serious Contientalist in his own right. In fact his policy comments were echoed by policy wonk Harper through out the election when it came to Conservative policy on International relations with the United States. Take Burney's speech to the Ranchmans Club in Calgary last November, one of three identical speeches he gave during the year. He told the well heeled corporate elite of Alberta the following;

" We should take our head out of the sand and reconsider our position on missile defence and endeavour, more generally, to become more than a spectator in the defence of our own continent. Pride in what we once were is no substitute for the resources and resolve that would enable us to contribute more tangibly now to our own defence. If we want to be more relevant in Washington we need to give security a higher and clearer priority. We cannot afford a free ride on our own defence. Where’s the sovereignty in that?

The Energy sector – a Canadian strength – obviously merits smarter cooperation; a more certain policy climate in North America for efficient extraction, refining and transmission, along with stronger monitoring and some upgrades of our shared electricity grid? This should not be a game of competing subsidies, inducing an already robust industry, but rather the object of sensible commitments aimed at delivering mutual benefit.

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