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Macleod Candidate Takes Top Exec Position with National Political Party
Date: Thursday, November 24 2005

Immediate Press Release: November 24, 2005

Macleod Candidate Takes Top Exec Position with National Political Party

Canadian Action Party announced today more changes to the already re-energized federal political party. As new leader Connie Fogal gears up for a winter election, the executive has experienced a shuffle. Long-time member, supporter and President Claire Fosse has decided to step down due to family commitments and make way for new blood at the helm. Macleod Riding Candidate Catherine Whelan Costen was already holding the position of Vice President and Communications Director when she was offered the new position. Ms Whelan Costen takes over the position of President effectively immediately. “I am thrilled to be working with such a dedicated team of patriotic Canadians. We have members who have previously voted in 8 different ways, and came to CAP out of total frustration with politics as they have evolved. Canadian Action Party offers voters and members the opportunity to be part of a growing movement to prevent the sellout of Canada by both Liberals and Conservatives.” Ms. Whelan Costen is driving the message across Canada. She is obviously the right person for the job, expressed Leader Connie Fogal. ‘She not only brings her immense research abilities and commitment to people nationwide she also exudes enthusiasm. She has been a real force for rejuvenating and building on the strong foundations of our grassroots movement’ Ms Fogal endorsed Ms Whelan Costen, while visiting people in the Prince George, B.C. area earlier today. The party will be announcing the new Vice President in a very short time, while they move forward attracting candidates, donations from the public and new members before the next vote.


Connie Fogal, Leader ,Canadian Action Party/ parti action Canadienne
Tel: (604)872 2128; or (604) 708 3372
(FAX: 604) 872 -1504
Canadian ActionParty Head office : # 385- 916 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V521K7; e mail:

Catherine Whelan Costen, Canadian Action Party President
Tel: 403-684-3514 or 403-660-0449 Fax: 403-684-3464

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