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Grit attack ads on Harp fall flat
Date: Saturday, January 14 2006


Poor Paulie Martin. What next in his meltdown of desperation? A new attack ad on tummy-plump Steve Harper throwing that snowball at reporters? The picture was in a lot of the papers.

"Look at this man. Look at the pursed lips. Look at the snowball in his hand. Is this the kind of violence Canadians want in a prime minister? What will his uncontrollable impulses make him throw next? A grenade? A bomb? A knife. Look at that swelling stomach. What's he got hidden under his shirt?

What arsenal of weaponry just waiting to be launched by him? What does Rambo Harper think he is? A Canadian soldier? Like all the bloodthirsty, murderous, dangerous, enemy Canadian soldiers he wants you to see on the streets of our cities, scaring the hell out of us all?"

Yeah, poor Paulie. Eighteen months ago, these asinine Liberal ads might have worked. Sadly, with a lot of voting dumbbells, they did. Not anymore. There are still dumbbells who'll vote Liberal, but there are far more Canadians who've been cured of dumbbellitis, having now finally seen the Liberals for the B.S. artists they are when it comes to portraying the Harp as the scary devil incarnate whose mission is to destroy Canada.

With apologies to an old Arabic saying: The Liberal dogs bark but the Tory caravan moves on.

[Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 15, 2006]

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