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Canada triumphs in softwood lumber dispute
Date: Thursday, November 24 2005

Canada triumphs in softwood lumber dispute

VANCOUVER, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ - Following the instructions of the NAFTA Panel on October 5, the U.S. Department of Commerce today issued its recalculated subsidy rate of 0.80%, which is below one percent (de minimis) meaning under U.S. law, the subsidy order must be revoked.

"The BC Lumber Trade Council welcomes the U.S. Department of Commerce decision to respect the instructions given by the NAFTA Panel to recalculate the countervailing duty (CVD) rate," said John Allan, president of the BC Lumber Trade Council.

"We hope this signals that the U.S. Administration is committed to the NAFTA dispute resolution process and is serious about ending the softwood lumber dispute," said Allan. "We will be watching in the days and weeks ahead to see how they implement this decision."

"This decision lends further support to Canada's position that the U.S. should return the CDN $5 billion in duties that have been illegally collected to date," said Allan.

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