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AIM Report: The Coming North American Parliament
Date: Friday, March 23 2007

AIM Report: The Coming North American Parliament - March B
March 22, 2007 The history of NAFTA is one reason why so many conservatives are concerned that a North American Community could be transformed into a North American Union that runs roughshod over U.S. constitutional processes and guarantees.


Robert Pastor, a top Democratic Party foreign policy specialist associated with the Panama Canal giveaway, denies that he is at the center of a "vast conspiracy" to subvert American sovereignty under the cover of establishing a "North American Union." He calls the charges "absurd."

But Pastor, a former official of the Carter Administration and adviser to President Clinton, made those remarks at an all-day February 16 conference devoted to the development of a North American legal system. The holding of the conference was itself evidence that a comprehensive process is underway to merge the economies, and perhaps the social and political systems, of the three countries.

Pastor, director of the Center for North American Studies at American University (CNAS), said that he favors a "North American Community," not a formal union of the three countries. Wearing a lapel pin featuring the flags of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Pastor told AIM that he favors a $200-billion North American Investment Fund to pull Mexico out of poverty and a national biometric identity card for the purpose of controlling the movement of people in and out of the U.S.

So the "conspiracy" is now very much out in the open, if only the media would pay some attention to it.

Accuracy in Media attended the conference in order to produce this report and shed light on a process that is being conducted largely beyond the scrutiny of the public or the Congress.

AIM has previously documented that Pastor's campaign for a North American Community has received precious little attention from the major media, except for the notable case of CNN's Lou Dobbs, who called it "utterly mad." In fact, a survey of news coverage discloses that several high-profile mentions of the concept of a North American economic, social or political entity have come from Pastor himself, such as a Newsweek International article that he wrote.

The conference, conducted in cooperation with the American Society of International Law, an organization affiliated with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, was held at the American University Washington College of Law. A large number of speakers came from American University.

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