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Israel and Jordan Find Canada Is a Good Place to Talk Trade
Date: Thursday, November 24 2005

Embassy, November 23rd, 2005
By Brian Adeba

Israel and Jordan Find Canada Is a Good Place to Talk Trade

Israeli and Jordanian envoys take to the road, turning up in Vancouver to promote peace through trade.

The Israelli and Jordanian ambassadors toured Vancouver this week to promote trade between their countries.

Organized by Partners in Peace, a group dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East, the two-day event--the first of its kind in Canada--featured the Jordanian and Israeli ambassadors in a dialogue that discussed means of promoting trade as a vehicle for peace.

Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1994 paving the way for cooperation in water projects, communication, travel and a free trade agreement. The agreement ended decades of hostilities dating back to the Six-Day War in 1967 when Jordan lost the West Bank and east Jerusalem to the Israeli army.

As a result of the peace agreement, the two countries now enjoy cordial relations with each other. Alan Baker, the Israeli Ambassador to Canada, says Jordan uses Israeli airspace and ports to export agricultural produce to Europe. Trade between the two countries currently stands at $120 million (U.S.) a year, says Nabil Barto, Jordan's Ambassador to Canada. Jordan exports textiles, jewellery, cement, sand and electrical equipment to Israel. Mr. Baker says the mutual relationship is responsible for the growth in trade between the two countries.

"We expect that this will happen also with the Palestinians," said Mr. Baker. Both countries have full diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level. In the Arab World, only Egypt, Mauritania and Jordan have diplomatic ties with Israel.


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