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Firms ready to plug 'gaps' in Canada's terror defence
Date: Tuesday, April 12 2005
Topic: Canadian News

Firms ready to plug 'gaps' in Canada's terror defence
By Ottawa Business Journal Staff
Mon, Apr 11, 2005 12:00 AM EST

David Luxton (Darren Brown, OBJ.)
Ottawa-area firms are poised to plug what Auditor General Sheila Fraser identified last week as "the gaps in Canada's ability to respond to emergencies," including attacks by terrorists using chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons.

Ms Fraser's 2005 report, which includes her findings on the Government's 2001 anti-terrorism initiative, was tabled in the House of Commons only days after Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, or PSEPC, announced the federal government's strategy "to protect Canada and Canadians by taking all possible measures to prevent, mitigate and respond effectively to a CBRN terrorist incident."

The 2001 federal budget allocated $513 million over five years to federal and national efforts to prepare for CBRN, or chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

According to Ms Fraser's report, significant work remains to be done to achieve that goal. Failing a concerted effort by the federal government to address response strategies she found were "not integrated and poorly co-ordinated," PSEPC will be "years away from meeting the goals the government has set for it."

In assessing Canada's CBRN response strategy, Ms Fraser urged the government to rectify training shortfalls for first-responders, to improve disparate response strategies, and to address "poorly allocated" emergency response capabilities, such as "the lack of a national pool of equipment that is compatible and interoperable."

David Luxton, vice-chairman of local defence and security firm Allen-Vanguard Corp., said the government's announcement of a strategy on March 31 "will certainly be good for Ottawa-based businesses.

"The fact that we see the government making a renewed and further commitment to CBRN has an important halo effect on our business and reputation," Mr. Luxton added.

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