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Health Care Charlatan
Date: Monday, June 28 2004

Dear Editor,

In the final week of a close election race, Paul Martin is claiming to be the defender of health care, making this his "number one issue". This is ironic since, while Martin may have been a good Finance Minister, his record reveals that he has been no friend of health care.

As Finance Minister, Paul Martin gutted a whopping $25 billion from health care and cut transfers to the provinces. As a result, waiting times increased by 77% between 1992 and 2002.

Now Paul Martin is claiming that only he, the one who cut health care in the first place, can save our ailing system. If health care was so important to him, then why didn't he increase funding for it in his recent budget? Also, if this is his number one priority, why has he pledged substantially less money to address the problems with our health care system than Stephen Harper's Conservatives and Jack Layton's NDP?

Andrew H_____

[Submitted by email, but just one more opinion before you head to the polls :) Dr. C]

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