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CPAC and Premiers
Date: Wednesday, December 24 2003

I was up late last night, downloading music from PureTracks, and in between I watched CPAC interview premiers from across Canada.

Amazing !! Premier Campbell from BC is Pro Canadian !! Coulda fooled me !!

Also, most premeirs said the same thing. I was amazed. Some of these people are so right-wing and so anxious to join the U.S. in all kinds of ways, it was a surprise to see them say they want Canada to be a strong nation, when their actions speak otherwise.

The Premier of PEI spelled it out correctly when he talked about the potato problem they had with a disease, and the U.S. border was shut down immediately, and they had to dispose of tonnes of potatos that were perfectly safe to eat.

We have to live with the behemoth next door, and simply jump, before we say how high.

That's life in North America.

I wish it were otherwise.

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