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I love entrepreneurs
Date: Tuesday, March 20 2007

I found this in Friday's paper - one might have to expose the ass of others to cover their own economic ass.

KONIAKOW, Poland - Delicate hand-stitched lace from this mountaintop village has long graced the altars of Polish churches and tables of Polish homes.

But now tradition has taken a modern twist with thongs, G-strings and other racy undergarments — offending some villagers but giving new life to a 200-year-old cottage industry.

“Lace wasn’t selling in the quantities it once did, and the tradition was starting to slowly disappear,” says Malgorzata Stanaszek, co-owner of KONI-art, the company that stitches the lingerie. “Our friend then said, as a half-joke, ’Why don’t you make thongs? They’re popular now.”’

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