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Mexican rights violated by SPP
Date: Tuesday, September 04 2007

Another first-hand perspective from the Montebello SPP protests. Much of the intro is familiar to our readers I'm sure by now, but what's interesting here is the emphasis on Mexico and how the SPP affects Mexico, which is something that we don't get to see much.

From the article:

"The SPP is the deep integration of continental security and free trade. But, as a banner at the protest in Montebello asserted, “security is not [the same thing as] justice”, especially when free trade – not fair trade – is being held up as a virtue.

In southern Mexico, on the day NAFTA was kicked into gear, the indigenous Zapatista army rose up against neo-liberal economic expansion into their territory.

The Mexican constitution was undone by NAFTA, privatizing lands guaranteed to the indigenous Mayan peoples. More than 10 years later, as the Zapatista insurgency continues, the SPP is about to privatize the Mexican National Oil Company.

We can be assured that the security component will mean an increase in the violation of the human rights of the indigenous peoples of Southern Mexico.

The plight of the peoples of Northern Mexico is no less serious. Their rights are about to become even more marginalized by economic interests."

And there's more--read it all at Mexican rights violated in free trade’s name

Another first-hand pers... Mexican rights violated...

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