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Large areas of Arctic sea ice only 1 metre thick, reveals
Date: Monday, September 17 2007

Large areas of the Arctic sea-ice are only one metre thick this year, equating to an approximate 50 percent thinning as compared to the year 2001.

In addition, studies have also revealed a particularly high concentration of melt-water in the ocean and a large number of melt-ponds, she added.

These are the latest findings by the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremhaven, Germany has revealed.

"The ice cover in the North Polar Sea is dwindling, the ocean and the atmosphere are becoming steadily warmer, the ocean currents are changing" said chief scientist Dr Ursula Schauer from AWI.

SOURCE: Large areas of Arctic sea ice only 1 metre thick, reveals



Arctic ice loss: Northwest Passage now open

SEPT 15/07 - - The Northwest Passage, the dreamed-of yet historically impassable maritime shortcut between Europe and Asia, has now fully opened up due to record shrinkage of Arctic sea ice, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Friday.

Arctic Ice Sets New Minimum Area

SEPT 13/07 - - Arctic Ocean area that is now ice-free which has never before melted (in the satellite record): ca. 410,000 sq km

The Northwest Passage is still open.

Current Ice Area:.......................4.24 million sq km

Previous Minimum Record:.......5.32 million sq km

Weekly Ice Melt Area

Sept 4 – 10:...............180,000 sq km

Aug 28 – Sept 4: .......360,000 sq km

Aug 22 – 28:...............140,000 sq km



Recall that ocean level rise has exceded all the model predictions ...

And that once the ice is gone the real heating of the planet begins


to melt 1 gram of ice – with no temperature change == 80 calories

80 calories will heat 1 gram of water – 80 degrees celsius)

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Large areas of Arctic s... Arctic ice loss: North... Arctic Ice Sets New Min...

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