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Smashing Puppies & Kittens With Hockey Sticks
Date: Sunday, April 10 2005
Topic: Canadian Politics

Today's column has nothing to do with milk issues, but during
the years of Notmilk advocacy, it's been made clear to me
that all things are connected. Violence to animals, violence
to people, abusing humans, abusing any living creature. It's
really all the same.

When innocent people are hurt or die from an act of violence,
or when innocent animals experience the same, that illogical
and irrational action becomes a tragedy of spirit that separates
abusers from the infinite forces which govern us all.

To those who are on the receiving end of injustice and pain,
there is the suffering and indignity of actions which make no
sense. To those of us who have assumed the role of complacent
spectator to such universal suffering, there becomes an obligation
to make a phone call or write an email or stand up and protest that
which is clearly wrong.

Professional sports sometimes exist as a microcosm of life.
Cities fight cities and fan(atic)s applaud the actions of
their own warriors.

I grew up as a New York Ranger hockey fan and was lucky
enough to be a season ticket holder (Section 108, row 2, seats
5 and 6) for twenty years at Madison Square Garden. Hardly
a game went by without hearing this comment from one or more

"I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out."

Yes, hockey is a violent sport, and for the first time in history,
Canada's national game was eliminated for the 2004-2005 season
because of labor disputes between the owners and players.

Sadly, Canada's bloodlust has replaced one sport with another.
We do not play this new sport in America. North of the border,
millions of infants will die violent deaths while the world
watches in relative silence.

I invite you to click on this photo, taken moments before
the splattering of blood sprayed from the head of a newborn
infant mammal. The picture represents the promise of violence,
but not the actual act, so you should not be overly offended:

< >

Here is the "after" photo, and yes, its reproduction here is
intended to offend:

< >

It is not really puppies and kittens who die on blood-stained
Canadian ice, but does it matter what creature suffers that fate?
No living infant deserves such human hatred or indifference. Nature
has designed the face of all infants, so that the basic instinct of
any adult is to nurture and help those soft, cuddly, loveable,
innocent creatures who are now in distress. See:

< >

Who is responsible for the carnage? Is it the men wielding the
clubs, or the women wearing the sealskin coats? Is it the
Canadian bureaucrats who turn deaf ears to the protests, or
the majority of people who choose not to even whisper their
displeasure? We all share responsibility, because these
horrendous crimes against nature's creations continue.

What can you do? What should you do? My answer is, whatever you
think is right. Take this moment to ask yourself, what is the
nature of my religion, or my God, or whatever spirit that will
one day tabulate my own scorecard and assess the things that I
did in my lifetime. Many, myself included, believe that to save
just one living creature is to save the world. What you do today
can be self-gratifying, and can make a enormous difference for
those who are unable to speak out against injustice.

To get VERY MUCH involved:

Eyewitness account of seal hunt:

< >

Have a happy and productive Sunday, April 10, 2005.

Robert Cohen

[Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on April 12, 2005]

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