Vive Le Canada threatened with lawsuit by Liberal Party!
Date: Monday, December 22 2003

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Press Release: Liberal Party Threatens to Sue Website Critical of PM

Three Days 'til Christmas, Three Days to Cease and Desist

For immediate release.

HALIFAX, December 22--A law firm representing the Liberal Party of Canada threatened to file suit against the creators of Paul Martin for copyright infringement. The previous day, a journalist had attempted to confirm that the Prime Minister had knowledge of the site, which features parody and critical analysis of Paul Martin's policies.

"I received a phone call on Wednesday morning from the Liberal Party webmaster, who said that if I didn't take the entire site down in one hour, they would commence legal action," said Dru Oja Jay, one of the authors of the web site. Later that day, Paul Martin received a cease-and-desist email alleging that the web site was illegally making use of artwork and stylesheets created by the Liberal Party of Canada.

"The site doesn't contain any of the Liberal Party's stylesheets or images," said Dru Oja Jay. "The entire site as it exists now was built from scratch."

Paul Martin will stay online despite the threats.

"I suspect they would not be threatening us if they were not worried about the content," said Rob Maguire, a writer and researcher for Paul Martin

"Paul Martin is getting a lot of attention for a reason; Canadians want critical analysis of Paul Martin, and they're not getting it," said site founder Dave Ron. "The Liberal Party may have a problem with us using the words 'Paul Martin' and 'Time', or that we mock the form and content of Paul Martin's site".

"It's a little disconcerting that our deadline to take down the site is Christmas eve," Ron added.

Paul Martin receives thousands of hits daily, and has attracted the attention of a number of publications, including the Halifax Chronicle-Herald,,, Salt Spring Island News and the Dominion.

For a personal account of the Liberal Party's threats, and a copy of the original cease-and-desist email, visit the following page:

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